October 15, 2010

No Anglican Tyrant

Mark Harris posted an insightful essay today called “Gracious Restraint Turns Out To Be Not So Graciously Requested, Again.” He suggested that Lambeth is wielding power that it was never granted. The occasion of this post was the announcement that ACC Secretary General Kenneth Kearon has applied sanctions suggested by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to the Province of the Southern Cone for violating one of the Windsor Report’s sacred moratoria. In a comment, I suggested that Archbishop Williams was becoming a tyrant (“a sovereign or other ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly”). In particular, the archbishop’s power to appoint does not obviously entail the power to remove whenever he sees fit.

Alas, the First Among Equals is becoming simply the First. Mark’s essay therefore became the inspiration for this graphic:

No Anglican Tyrant logo

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  1. I am reminded of an essay I wrote a few years ago entitled "Who Needs the Anglican Communion?" I stand by my argument, clear by the title.

    Jack H. Taylor Jr.
    Church of the Transfiguration


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