May 9, 2008

The Ignorant Vote

Hillary Clinton is trying desperately to make the case that she is more electable than Barack Obama. I doubt this is true; Clinton had what pollsters call high negatives long before she announced her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. What that means is that there is a large fraction of the voting population that Clinton will almost certainly never win over. Many in that group are not ready to vote for Obama either, but they at least are not unalterably opposed to the idea. To be sure, there is a racist vote that will not support a black man, but Clinton supporters cannot dismiss misogynist sentiment, either.

Anyway, in supporting the case for her electability the other day, Clinton was bragging that she has more support than her opponent from whites who have not finished college. No doubt, this is a significant voting bloc, but one has to question Clinton’s boast that she is preferred by the ignorant. I wonder how she does with white supremacists and whether she is ready to tout her advantage with that group to superdelegates.

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