March 29, 2017

A Curve-stitch Design in Nails and Thread

A large section of my Web site is devoted to curve-stitch designs. These designs are created with straight lines that often seem to create curves. In my youth, I drew such designs with pen and ink on paper. Historically, the earliest such designs used string threaded through holes in cardstock, a technique that seemed cumbersome to me and kept me from devising new designs until I figured out how to use the computer for the purpose.

I recently received a request for permission to reproduce one of my designs using nails and thread. This didn’t seem like a very practical idea to me, but I was curious to see what was possible. The design Artur Błaszczyk wanted to use as a model is shown here:

Model for Artur’s construction

As it happens, Artur was quite successful. You can see his construction and read about it on my Web site here.