January 15, 2024

All Comments Are Welcome

A reader complained recently about being unable to leave a comment on this blog because a Google account was necessary to do so. As it happens, I had mistakenly configured the blog to require a Google account to comment. This was a mistake that has now been corrected. Anyone can leave a comment.

I expect those commenting to use a name, preferably their own, but it is OK to make up a name. The main reason for this is to associate all the comments from a given person. In general, I do not allow anonymous comments, although I have on occasion allowed an anonymous post when I have thought the comment important enough.

All comments are subject to approval. Comments containing profanity or links to sites with irrelevant content are instantly rejected.

I apologize for past inconveniences.

These days, most visitors arrive here from Facebook. It is tempting to comment on a post on Lionel Deimel’s Web Log on Facebook. My preference, however, is that you comment here, where the comment will forever be associated with the essay that elicited it. You can, of course, send me e-mail.

Thanks for reading.

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