August 2, 2008

Realign with Me

It is difficult for others in The Episcopal Church to know how to treat the so-called “orthodox.” Most of us have no need to ban them from our churches or from decision-making bodies for their theological views, even when we find those views—I struggle for an appropriate word here—improbable. I am perfectly willing to engage these Episcopalians in discussion, even when anything worthy of the name “reconciliation” with them (or even tolerance by them) seems unattainable.

There is a point at which tolerance, Christian charity, or whatever you might want to call it, simply becomes a surrender to evil. Acceptance of differences, if extended to those who insist on being intolerant of everyone with a different viewpoint from theirs, simply destroys an institution, in this case, The Episcopal Church. When the “orthodox” assert that their view is the only valid one and when vows, rules, and traditions must be violated to advance God’s kingdom, it is time for others to say “no.”

These musings are occasioned by my having written what can only be considered a piece of satire aimed at those “orthodox” working for “realignment.” Such true believers cannot be reached through rhetoric, no matter how compelling, and railing against their depredations may not be salutary for one’s own spiritual health. Sometimes, however, even the subject of humor is able to laugh at it. Admittedly, humor, except for biting sarcasm, is hard to come by among the realignment crowd, but one never knows. Writing humor can keep one’s own emotional temperature down.

Anyway, I began with a line from a song that I realized I could change in a cute way, and I intended to write a song parody about Episcopalian loyalists. Poetry has a way of writing itself, however, and it quickly became a song about people on the other side. Frankly, I am writing this to defend myself against the inevitable charge of nastiness, not so much from my enemies, as from my friends.

The song is “Realign with Me,” to be sung to the tune of “You Belong to Me.” You can find the lyrics, commentary, and more here. If you think I need absolution, consider it requested in advance.

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