January 2, 2009

Modest Success

My campaign to have the information updated on the Anglican Communion Web site for the Diocese of Pittsburgh (see “Change It Now!”) has largely achieved its goal. You can see the current page here. Gone are any references to Bob Duncan, Henry Scriven, or the former site of the diocesan office in the Oliver Building, where Duncan still reigns over his imaginary diocese and free-floating pretend province. On the downside, the listed URL for the diocesan Web site, though serviceable, is not the preferred one (which is http://episcopalpgh.org). That’s a minor quibble, of course. Also, the listed connections between the Diocese of Pittsburgh and those of Chile and Shyira are, I think, pretty much history.

Of more concern is that the page for neither the Diocese of Fort Worth nor for the Diocese of Quincy has been changed.

Nonetheless, some celebration is in order. (We Christians, after all, are taught to be thankful for the gifts we have received.) I hope that my own efforts had something to do with causing the Pittsburgh page to be changed, but I don’t know whether that was actually the case. I do know that others wrote to the Anglican Communion Office, and The Episcopal Church itself had requested the changes even before I wrote my essay. I offer my thanks to anyone who contributed (or might have contributed) to achieving this modest success.

Now, can we get the Anglican Communion Office to make some changes to the Fort Worth and Quincy pages?

POSTSCRIPT: After I wrote the above post, a friend pointed out a more serious error on the Anglican Communion Web site about the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Our assisting bishop is listed as “The Rt Revd Robert Robert Johnson.” Bishop Johnson’s parents were actually more imaginative than this listing suggests. His middle name is Hodges, not the rather improbable Robert listed by the Anglican Communion Office. Well, I did say our success was modest.

1/3/2009 UPDATE: Bishop Johnson’s name has now been corrected.

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