April 10, 2009

National Poetry Month 2009

April, in case you haven’t heard, is National Poetry Month. I try to celebrate this on my Web site every year. At the beginning of the month, I added the National Poetry Month 2009 poster to the home page and poetry introduction page of Lionel Deimel’s Farrago. In doing so, I was reminded that I hadn’t written a poem in two months, and too many of my recent poems have employed rhymed couplets or similarly simple rhyme schemes. This gave me the idea of writing a poem—one not in rhymed couplets—in honor of National Poetry Month. I finished my poem today. (It took several days of occasional work.) I invite you to read “National Poetry Month 2009.” (That’s not a super original title, I suppose.) Enjoy!

National Poetry Month 2009 poster

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