August 24, 2010

Big Truck

I visited my son and daughter-in-law in Ithaca, N.Y., this past weekend. On the way home, I saw an amazing site at a rest stop on I-79. The vehicle below was parked in the truck area: Big truck (front view) The driver wasn’t in the cab, and I didn’t see him (or her) anywhere. The truck didn’t look like it was ready to leave the rest stop; the front end of the depressed center section was on the ground. Anyway, here is the view from the rear: Big truck (rear view) Count ’em—this rig has 19 axles! The cargo must be very heavy to justify this kind of transport. The cargo had a white cover and didn’t seem excessively large. It must have been excessively dense. Sorry that I didn’t think of photographing the cargo up close. The carrier was Miller Transfer.


  1. hey, LD, been on vacation. I saw those trucks a lot out in Kansas when they were moving gigantic refinery machines and also wind-turbine 'arms' (?). besides just weight, it has something to do with distributing the weight over many, many wheels so as to do less damage to the roads. and, I think you meant 'axle'...

  2. Thanks, Fr. Craig. I fixed the spelling.


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