April 18, 2011

Another Poem about Christian Unity

I added another poem on the subject of Christian—and especially Anglican—unity to the Poetry section of Lionel Deimel’s Farrago today. This was not a hard poem to write, but it was a hard poem to revise and make into something satisfying. The poem is titled, perhaps not imaginatively, “That They All May Be One.” The poem and commentary on the writing of it can be found on my Web site, and the poem itself is reproduced below:
That They All May Be One
by Lionel Deimel

“That they all may be one,” they say he said,
But what of us when thus we pray?
Are not our bonds of wine and bread
Sufficient for the Church today?

Must Christians understand as one
The mysteries of God above?
Or should we learn from God the Son
That unity derives from love?

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  1. "Shut up and just eat the d*mn wafer and drop something in the plate"?
    No thanks.


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