February 20, 2013

Understanding the Links

No doubt, most people reading this blog pay little attention to the text and graphics to the right of actual posts. I thought it might be helpful, however, to point out what’s in that right column, as visitors who have been ignoring it may find some of it interesting.

About Me

 A sentence about me, with links to more information kept by Blogger.

No Anglican Covenant

 I am the founder of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition, which opposes adoption of the proposed Anglican Covenant. Clicking on the No Anglican Covenant logo takes you to the home page of the Coalition. Clicking on the link below the logo takes you to the Farrago Gift Shop. Here, you can find merchandise with the No Anglican Covenant logo or with one of my curve-stitch designs.

Christian Diversity

The Christian Diversity logo was devised by the Rev. Bosco Peters. Clicking on the logo takes you to my own essay on Christian diversity.

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Here are links to to various pages, specifically
  • Blog Home: The home page of this blog.
  • Blog Table of Contents: A table of contents of posts on this blog. The TOC is maintained on the Site Map page of my Web site (see next entry). The TOC includes dates, titles with links, and brief descriptions of the posts. I do my best to keep the TOC up-to-date. Both the TOC and the Blogger search box in the toolbar at the top of blog pages can be useful in finding specific content on this blog.
  • Lionel Deimel’s Weg Site: The home page of my Web site.
  • Lionel Deimel on Facebook: My Facebook page.
  • Lionel Deimel on Twitter: My Twitter page.
  • St. Paul’s Epistle: My unauthorized comments about my local church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon, Pa.
  • Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh on Facebook. The Facebook page of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh, a group that advocates for diversity in the Pittsburgh diocese and strong connections to The Episcopal Church.
  • Pittsburgh Update: A blog on which posts are made each Monday of news items of interest to Pittsburgh Episcopalians. The blog is a project of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh. Posts are mostly about hot-button issues in the Anglican world and about property disputes within The Episcopal Church.
  • Our Pittsburgh Diocese: A blog created for discussion as the diocese was beginning to search for its first diocesan bishop after the departure of Robert Duncan. It was never very active and is dormant now.
  • No Anglican Covenant: Another link to the No Anglican Covenant Coalition’s Web site.
  • Comprehensive Unity: The No Anglican Covenant Blog: The blog of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition.
  • No Anglican Covenant Coalition on Facebook. The Facebook page of the No Anglican Covenant Coalition.
  • Contact Me: The Contact page on my Web site.

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