August 22, 2014

Home at the DFMS

In my post “Missing Episcopal Words,” I noted that the URLs and take the visitor to the same place. The latter URL is easy to remember and short, so I used it frequently. That was seven years ago, however, and the two URLs are no longer interchangeable. The URL (or takes the visitor to a page named “Home,” which looks like this (click on image for a larger view):

DFMS home page

What, exactly, is the point of this page, particularly since “” is not actually a link? Wouldn’t it be more user-friendly simply to redirect to If the page is meant to discourage the use of the domain, it would at least be thoughtful to provide a real link the the Episcopal Church home page (not, as the text asserts, to the actual Episcopal Church). Moreover, the social media links at the left make no sense. And why is the page named “Home”?

Who is responsible for this idiotic page?

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  1. Michael Collins
    Manager, Multimedia Services
    (212) 716-6018

    That would be my guess.


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