January 3, 2017

Letter to My Democratic Senator

(Sent via USPS)

January 3, 2017
Senator Bob Casey
RSOB—Russell Senate Office Building,
2 Constitution Avenue, NE
Room 393
Washington DC 20510­3805
Dear Senator Casey:
I had great hopes for our country’s future until the calamity that was the election of Donald Trump. I now view our future with alarm. I write to urge you and fellow Democrats (and perhaps even some fellow Republicans) to do all that you can to avert the tragedy that would result from an all-out Republican program designed to take our nation backward.
Most especially, I urge you and fellow Democrats to do everything possible to expose the inappropriateness of so many Trump appointees that require Senate approval. The President-elect is planning for a cabinet of multimillionaires, each with an axe to grind—whether that be a plan for self-enrichment or an eagerness to destroy the department or public sector over which he or she is to have oversight. (I need hardly provide enumerate particulars here.) I hope that some of the Trump appointees can actually be rejected.
Perhaps most important to consider is the future of the Supreme Court. Republicans must not be allowed to appoint ultraconservative justices who will turn the court into an instrument of reaction for generations to come.
I pray that Democrats have strategists at least as good as those who have worked for the Republicans. Although we are likely to have Donald Trump with us for four years, Republicans are likely to overplay their hand, leading to significant Democratic gains in 2018. Work toward such an outcome.
Best wishes for your difficult task of protecting the Republic, individual freedoms, and the environment.
etc., etc.

Note: My letter to my Republican senator is here.

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