July 31, 2018

The Donald Goes Rolling Along (Final Version)

I was reasonably satisfied with my original version of “The Donald Goes Rolling Along.” As is typical, however, the satirical lyrics to the U.S. Army’s official song could be improved by thoughtful revisions. I have made revisions and added the new version to my Web site. You can read the lyrics and my explanation of the changes I made here.

For what it’s worth, I have also updated the introductory page to the Poetry section of my Web site. You can find that here.


  1. I’m having a Web hosting problem right now that should be fixed soon. If you cannot access my Web site, please check back later today. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

  2. I haven’t fixed all the problems with Lionel Deimel’s Farrago, but the links in the above post work now.


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