May 17, 2009

Streamlining Choir Rehearsals

I sing bass in my church choir. Although I very much enjoy this activity, both for its musical rewards and for the contribution I can make to worship at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, choir rehearsals can sometimes be frustrating. I often find myself flipping frantically through the music in my rehearsal folder trying to find the next piece we are going to rehearse, and I sometimes discover I have not found what I’m looking for because my choir director has announced a title that is not quite the title printed on the music!

I suspect that members of other church choirs experience such frustrations as well, so I have devised a plan to minimize them and to make choir rehearsals more efficient. This isn’t really rocket science, but other choirs might also benefit from my plan. You can read about what I have proposed to my choir director on my Web site. My essay is called “Streamlining Choir Rehearsals.”

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