May 27, 2009

San Joaquin Clergy Deposed

I received a press release from The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin today explaining that 61 priests and deacons who formerly were resident in the Diocese of San Joaquin have been deposed by the Rt. Rev. Jerry Lamb for abandonment of the communion of The Episcopal Church. According to the press release,
The clergy who followed Schofield refused to acknowledge the Episcopal Bishop of San Joaquin, the Rt. Rev. Jerry A. Lamb, and were determined to have abandoned the Communion of the Episcopal Church in October and November 2008. The clergy had six months to deny their abandonment, recant, or renounce their ministry in the Episcopal Church or face removal or deposition from the ministry of the Episcopal Church.
Bishop Lamb explained, “They declined to ask for a release from their ordination vows, and I had no option but to bring the charges of abandonment of the Communion to the Standing Committee last year and take these final steps today.”

You can read the full press release here.

It is sad that these clergy are now lost to The Episcopal Church. May they find spiritual contentment elsewhere.

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