January 29, 2010

Defendants Have 20 Days

As is now clear, there are public and confidential (redacted) versions of today’s order in the Calvary lawsuit. The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has on its Web site a story on the court order which includes a link to the public version of the order.

This post will update my earlier post “Judge Orders Asset Transfer?”; I will post more analysis later today.

The bottom line is that Judge Joseph M. James is ordering that diocesan property, as defined in the October 2005 stipulation and inventoried by attorney Stanley E. Levine, is to be turned over to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. That property is currently controlled by deposed bishop Robert Duncan, now bishop of the so-called Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh and archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America.

According to the court order:
Defendants shall, within twenty (20) days of the entry of this Order, provide to the Episcopal Diocese the financial records and other documents and electronically stored information reasonably needed by the Episcopal Diocese to hold and administer the real and personal property that is the subject of this Order of Court. The Defendants shall also provide such ongoing cooperation to the Episcopal Diocese as is reasonably necessary to implement the provisions of this Order.
More to follow, including commentary and a more easily read PDF of the order.

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