January 29, 2010

Judge Orders Asset Transfer?

(Updated 1/29/2010 at 1:51 pm)

Nearly four months after Judge Joseph M. James declared that diocesan property should be held and administered by the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and set in motion a process for the orderly transition of assets being held by those who split from The Episcopal Church in 2008, he has issued an order presumably aimed at effecting that transfer. It is expected that Archbishop Robert Duncan and other defendants in the Calvary lawsuit will immediately appeal.

Unfortunately, Judge James’s order is apparently under seal and is not available on the usual Web site, so one can only speculate as to its contents and why it is not being made public. I suspect that the reason the order is not being released is that it contains confidential information (e.g., numbers of accounts to be transferred). It is unfortunate that we do not now know the basics of what is being required by the court.

I hope that more information will be forthcoming shortly, perhaps from the Episcopal diocese.

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