July 23, 2010

RIP, Daniel Schorr

Daniel Schorr and Scott Simon
Daniel Schorr (left) and NPR's Scott Simon.
(Photo by Geneva Collins;
Copyright © 2001 Current Publishing Committee)
Journalist Daniel Schorr, late of National Public Radio, died today at the age of 93. Schorr had had a number of employers, notably CBS and CNN, but he had a long and seemingly happy relationship with NPR. No doubt, many younger listeners associated Schorr with NPR, but I always thought of him as a CBS man, a hiree of the legendary Edward R. Murrow.

In recent years, I had taken to listening carefully to Schorr’s commentaries on the radio. They were as literate as ever, but his distinctive voice had become just a bit shaky. Year after year, I asked myself how long he could keep up his analyst’s job. For a very long time, it turns out. He died quietly today in the company of his family. He will be missed. Daniel Schorr made journalism seem like a very noble profession.

N.B. The NPR story on Daniel Schorr can be found here.

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