July 30, 2010

A Very un-Anglican Covenant

Modern Church, the former Modern Churchpeople’s Union, has posted a concise argument against adopting the proposed Anglican covenant titled “A Very un-Anglican Covenant.” (Hat tip to Thinking Anglicans for calling attention to this essay.)

The brevity of “A Very un-Anglican Covenant” makes it ideal to share with other church members, especially those with a short attention span and those who think that whatever happens “over there” cannot affect The Episcopal Church. Particular points made by Modern Church are enhanced through links to other essays on the Modern Church site that offer more in-depth information and discussion.

“A Very un-Anglican Covenant” discusses powers the covenant gives to the Standing Committee. (The essay refers to the “Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion,” but that committee has itself just rejected the more pretentious name.) To appreciate the role assigned to the Standing Committee, you might want to review my own January 14th post, “Section 4 Decoded,” where I offer some helpful diagrams.

The clarity of “A Very un-Anglican Covenant” should be helpful for all opponents of a covenant in their discussions. Go read it now.

No Anglican Covenant

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