November 14, 2010

A New Blog

NEW!I have been embarrassed lately that my new colleagues in the No Anglican Covenant Coalition have been busily posting interesting things about the Covenant on their sites, and I have written very little. (I do have a half-written post on the Covenant, but it has been half-written for about a week.) The reality is that I am Webmaster for the No Anglican Covenant Web site, and that has kept me busy. Moreover, Jim Beyer (of Jim’s Thoughts) and I have been building a new blog that is just now being announced. That task, too, has been keeping me busy.

That new blog is Comprehensive Unity: The No Anglican Covenant Blog. This blog is an adjunct to the No Anglican Covenant Web site. We will use the blog to highlight content on our main site, to call attention to other material related to the Anglican Covenant, to post new material related to the Covenant, and, I hope, to provoke some discussion about the Covenant.

Do visit the new blog and offer your own ideas about how it can be helpful in the campaign against the Anglican Covenant.

In the meantime, perhaps I can get around to finishing that post I’ve been trying to complete.

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