October 20, 2011

Winemaking at Adams County Winery

My son, Geoffrey August Deimel, is now the winemaker at Adams County Winery, just outside Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This sounds like a rather romantic job, but a good deal of organic chemistry and biology are required. Moreover, making wine in quantity is an industrial enterprise, and doing so at a modest sized winery requires a certain amount of mechanical engineering and the ability to improvise from time to time.

Adams County Winery has made a number of videos about making wine, and August, who became winemaker only last January, after getting his graduate degree from Cornell, is beginning to appear in the winery’s video productions.

The first video in which August appeared is below:

May favorite video so far is the next one. August has some theater experience—he considered an acting career at one point—and I think it shows in this short.

I understand that another Adams County Winery production is now being edited. I can’t wait to see it.

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