February 6, 2012

Cat Owners Unite!

Doritos® logo
Doritos® Logo
Did you watch the Doritos commercial in which a smart aleck dog has apparently killed a cat and bribes a husband with Doritos not to tell his wife what happened? I just sent the following message to Frito-Lay:
I was not amused, but appalled by your Super Bowl commercial suggesting that a dog had killed a cat. IT WAS NOT FUNNY. Before you run another such commercial, you had better check how many cat owners there are in this country. Apparently, it is more than you think.

I own two cats, and I used to buy Doritos. I'm not sure now that I will ever buy another Frito-Lay product.

I hope you were amused.

Very truly yours,
Lionel Deimel
You, too, can send e-mail to Frito-Lay here.

Update, 2/7/2012: Today, I received the message below from Frito-Lay:
Hi Lionel,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Consumer opinions are very important to us and we appreciate knowing how you feel.

The ad was consumer created through our 'Crash the Super Bowl' campaign. Consumers submitted ads that were then selected by a public vote. Please know your comments will be shared with the appropriate teams here at Frito-Lay. We apologize, as we would never intentionally offend our consumers.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and the constructive spirit in which they were offered. We hope our future actions will restore your confidence in our name and will earn back your trust and support.

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Relations


  1. Hmmm... We are owned by three cats. And I thought the ad amusing. It was not violent, it did sell the product and it did not approve of the dog's conduct, in fact exactly the opposite. After all,the dog in the ad was bribing precisely to hide misconduct.


  2. Jim,

    Giving away a few bags of Doritos is a small punishment for murder.


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