February 19, 2012

Trinity Cathedral Shows Its Colors

I have lately been singing in the Trinity Cathedral choir, taking a sabbatical from my own parish choir to help out at the diocesan cathedral, from which many people (including choir singers) left after the Chapter declared the cathedral to be that of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and no longer that of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

My post “Trinity Cathedral Casts Its Lot with TEC” included a photograph of the sign on the fence in front of the church that declared Trinity to be the cathedral of both dioceses. That picture was from December, and I have been wondering how long it would take to remove the words “The Anglican Church in North America.” I was sorely tempted to take my roll of duct tape to church one Sunday, but, in the end, I decided that discretion was called for.

I was delighted this morning, however, when, walking along Sixth Avenue, I was greeted by a new sign. Its duplicate, I later discovered, is visible at the back of the building along Oliver Avenue as well. The signs are, one might say, proudly Episcopalian.

New sign at rear of Trinity Cathedral
New Sign at Rear of Trinity Cathedral
(Click for larger view)

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  1. Bravo. It is time for the Cathedral to public state every day where it stands. My only reservation is that some antagonists may snicker that the sign does not state "The Episcopal Church welcomes you."


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