August 12, 2012

Bumper Sticker

Romney/Ryan: Return America to The Gilded Age

Update, 8/12/2012, 3:25 PM. Embarrassingly, I spelled “Gilded” wrong on my original graphic. Clearly, I was concentrating on design, not text. Of course, I’m not used to copy editing rotated text. Anyway, my dumb error is corrected above. Thanks to Ann for the heads up.


  1. Replies
    1. Problem fixed. It’s dangerous to do these things early in the morning.

  2. "Gelded"? "Guilted"?
    Please keep religion and politics separate; your church is irrelevant enough as it is.

  3. Religion is never separate from politics. Moses ran a revolution, John called out Herod's dynastic adultery, the Maccabees created a priest-king based society, Jesus was a revolutionary killed by Romans, as was Paul, Mohammed became a prophet-king, the Buddha renounced a princedom.

  4. That's about as morally profound as saying "People will always have tooth decay". Generally it's backwards societies that have clergy involved in politics: inner city ghettoes, Papal Italy, Byzantium, Moscovy, Saudi Arabia,...
    See any cultures or societies you'd like to see your kids grow up in? I don't. I'm glad being a cleric (of any religion) is an auxiliary profession, like Registered Nurse (only with much less difficult science courses) or Social Worker-something your wife does to help pay the bills.
    Don't believe me? Women have been able to become mainline Protestant clergy for about 30 years now. They've been able to be physicians and engineers and physics and chemistry professors for at least twice that; why are there so many more women in seminaries than medical schools or engineering programs in colleges? Check out the number of women computer programmers-it can't be the "progressive" politics, IT people are some of the most "progressive" people politically around.


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