December 7, 2012

Blog Updates

Under the heading LINKS at the right, I have added two links. You can now go directly to my Facebook page or to my page on Twitter.

I have also updated my blog table of contents. I have been remiss in adding new blog posts to the table of contents, but I am now up-to-date.

I suspect that most readers are unaware of this blog’s table of contents, as such a listing is not a common feature of blogs. (A link to the table of contents can also be found under LINKS.) I also suspect that the feature is more useful to me than to my readers, but perhaps not. In any case, since I do not tag posts with keywords, one cannot use tags to find related posts. Both the table of contents and the search box on the Blogger toolbar at the top of blog pages can be used to find a particular post or related posts. If you have a good idea of when a post appeared, the blog archive, also shown in the right column, can be useful.

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