June 15, 2013

An Opportunity for the USPS

Many people—far too few, I’m afraid—are disturbed that the government is tracking their e-mail messages and telephone calls. Even if, as we are being told, NSA isn’t actually reading or listening to our communications, it is collecting information that betrays much about our daily behavior. And this information is being stored, possible forever. (Would that the government had the same policy regarding gun sales. But I digress.)

There is perhaps an opportunity for the United States Postal Service here. USPS can credibly advertise that it neither reads your mail nor keeps tabs on where it comes from or where it goes. This is true for first class mail, at any rate. Perhaps the Postal Service, which needs more business, could run an ad along the lines of this one (click on images for a larger one):

Imagined USPS advertisement

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