October 8, 2013

A Final (?) Hymn Revision

For far too long, I have been working on my hymn “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation,” an alternative text for the David N. Johnson tune “Earth and All Stars.” (The tune appears as #412 in The Hymnal 1982 paired with a text by Herbert F. Brokering.) I have posted two versions of the hymn on this blog (here and here) and undertook yet another revision at the suggestion of Bishop of Pittsburgh Dorsey McConnell. I hope to have arrived at the final version of “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation,” which I believe to be a better general hymn than Brokering’s. You can read (or sing) the latest incarnation of my hymn on my Web site, along with an explanation of the latest changes.

Any takers for singing this in your church?

Church choir

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