November 3, 2013

Whis Hays Update

I don’t often write posts taking note of a comment left on a earlier post, but I thought readers should be aware of the resolution of an issue I raised more than two weeks ago. In “Having It Both Ways,” I noted that the Rev. Whis Hays, an Episcopal Priest, was listed as a candidate for a seat on the Committee on Canons of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh.

My understanding is that the Rev. Mr. Hays told Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh Dorsey McConnell that he had not submitted his name as a candidate for the position in the Anglican diocese. This is a perfectly reasonable explanation, but it is curious that Hays did not offer that explanation when he left a comment on my post.

In another comment left on my blog yesterday, the Rev. Canon David Wilson said
Whis’ name was not on the ballot to be elected as a member of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh Committee on Canons. It was withdrawn and the Rev Canon Dr. Jack Lumanog was elected unanamously by voice vote. Whis was not in attendance at our diocesan convention either Friday or today.
In light of these further developments, I have no reason to suspect the Rev. Whis Hays of being anything other than a loyal Episcopal priest.

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