November 19, 2013

Sheet Music Available for “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation”

As regular readers know, I have been working on a hymn called “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation.” In particular, I have written an alternate text to David N. Johnson’s tune “Earth and All Stars.” (My most recent post on this project is here.) My hymn received its world premier of sorts last Saturday, November 16, having been sung by a group for the first time at a Cursillo Ultreya.

I would like to have some churches sing my new hymn and provide feedback as to how they like it and whether they feel it serves a particular need. This has been a hard sell, as I have not heretofore provided sheet music for “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation.” I have now remedied that deficiency. The page about the hymn on Lionel Deimel’s Farrago has a link to the music, which you can view directly here. For the accompaniment, see Hymn #412 in the organist’s edition of The Hymnal 1982 or the accompaniment for “Earth and All Stars” in any of a number of standard hymnals. (A recording of the tune can be found on the Web site here.)

If you would like to contact me about using “Heavens and Earth, All of Creation” in a worship service, click here.

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