April 29, 2015

Transformed Icon

I was in a drug store yesterday when my phone rang. I took out my LG Android cell phone and immediately realized that I had a problem. I couldn’t find the phone icon with which I usually answer a call. The caller hung up before I figured out what to do. I called back, no yet knowing what had happened.

Only after I got home did I discover the problem. Somehow, the phone icon had been replaced with the camera icon. (See the picture below. Click on it for a larger view.)

Phone with confusing icons circled
My LG Android phone with confusing
icons circled
Somehow, the phone icon was changed without (as far as I know) my doing anything to make it happen. Moreover, I cannot figure out how to change it back without downloading an app for the purpose. Actually, I can’t even be sure that would work. And it really shouldn’t be necessary, right?

Does anyone have a clue about how I could get my phone icon back?

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