August 6, 2015

Wine Rack

I was shopping for a wine rack yesterday but having little success in the quest. I love wine, but I am mostly a drink-as-you-go consumer. I’m too old to be laying down French wines that I intend to drink 20 years from now. It is comforting, however, to know that, if I want a bottle of wine with dinner, I have reasonable choices on hand, whether my entrée is steak or shrimp.

I actually own a small wine rack made from wood blocks and galvanized steel. It’s pretty much what I would like to be using. Unfortunately, it’s in storage somewhere, and I can’t put my hands on it. I thought it unlikely that I could find an exact duplicate, but I hoped to encounter some interesting choices. When I was younger, wine racks seemed easily come by and were priced for the young baby boomer who was probably drinking Blue Nun and Lake Country Red. Today, apparently, not so much. (I suspect that a lot of those baby boomers are now buying built-in wine refrigerators.)

I checked several bargain stores, a department story, a kitchen store, Walmart, K-Mart, and Big Lots. I found one wine rack. It was at Big Lots for $25 and was cute, rather than utilitarian. It held only six bottles. The kitchen store referred me to a store of a local winery in the same mall. The wine store had lots of wine racks, each one cuter than the next, and many of which seemed wildly impractical. Prices ranged from about $35 to over $200. Irrespective of price, I found nothing I liked.

It seemed as though I was going to have to order from the Web. In fact, I had already checked Walmart’s offerings the Web. There were lots of racks available there, many of which seemed eminently practical without being precious. Thus, after my shopping misadventure, I returned to the Web. I didn’t confine my search to Walmart, but I did end up buying a rack from the nation’s largest retailer. I still spent $25, but I’m getting a rack that holds 12 bottles in no-nonsense practicality. I pick up the zinc-plated steel rack at the store next Wednesday.

Wine rack
My new wine rack (image from the Walmart Web site)

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  1. Now, everywhere I go on the Web, I am followed by Walmart ads for wine racks. Actually buying something doesn’t stop the advertising. Sigh!


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