December 15, 2016

Jesus, Progressive

I am tired of the influence of the so-called Christians in this country—the people who object to abortion with the same passion that they oppose programs to help impoverished children, the folks who want label or depart Muslims, the voters who want to teach pseudo-science in schools but not mention that climate change is an existential threat, the people who hate homosexuals and liberals with equal zeal.

Jesus’ message was one of love, not of hate. He had nothing to say about abortion or homosexuality or climate change (which wasn’t an issue in his day anyway). I am tired of people who love their religion but seem to love neither God nor their neighbors. Jesus was anything but a conservative, and true Christians are inspired by Christ’s example.

These thoughts led me to devise the graphic below. Feel free to use it wherever you like. Click on it for a larger version.

Jesus was a progressive.

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  1. Fascinating. I totally agree with you on the "neither a Republican or a Democrat" point, but given his close relationship with his cousin John and his condemnation of the accommodationist and secularizing Jerusalem establishment, his insistent pushing back against the Pharisees and their creative interpretations of Scriptural mandates, his clearing out of the Temple Gift Shoppe, and his Back to the Bible speech on marriage in Matthew 19, I'm not sure you can get to what most of our contemporaries would mean by "progressive" without a few bumps in the road either.


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