December 3, 2016

A Trump Challenge

I was watching Rachel Maddow last night discuss Donald Trump’s speaking to the president of Taiwan, thereby creating something of an international diplomatic incident.

Somehow, the phrase, “arrogant asshole” popped into my mind unbidden. One thing led to another, and I began to wonder if I could construct an entire Trump-oriented alphabet, albeit one not appropriate for children.

Although entries for a few letters came easily, it was soon apparent that this task would be difficult. I therefore decided that I would begin the project on my blog and invite readers to help me put bones on the alphabet skeleton. Besides being intellectually challenging, this project may provide some temporary comfort to those suffering depression over the election of Donald Trump.

Below is my incomplete alphabet. I invite readers to offer additional entries in the comments. Feel free also to offer alternatives to the entries I have already filled it. I’m sure we can do better together. Consider this an opportunity to purge some of your negative feelings concerning the state of our country, if only temporarily.

A: Arrogant asshole
B: Bigotted blowhard
C: Clueless clown
D: Dangerous demagogue
E: Egregious exaggerator
F: Fulsome fascist
G: Grandiloquent gaslighter
H: Hirsute half-wit
I: Insufferable Islamophobe
J: Jejune juggernaut
K: Kooky know-nothing
L: Lifelong litigant
M: Malefic misogynist
N: Nasty name-caller
O: Oleaginous oligarch
P: Pernicious prevaricator
Q: Querulous quack
R: Radical reactionary
S: Slimy smirker
T: Thin-skinned tyrant
U: Un-American upheaver
V: Vicious vulgarian
W: Wanton womanizer
X: Xyresic xenophobe
Y: Yankee yokel
Z: Zealous zero

It is not clear that constructing a complete alphabet is possible. It may be necessary to introduce obscure words, and, even then, certain letters may prove recalcitrant. Let’s give it a try anyway.

Update, 12/4/2016. With the help of friends, a word list, and a dictionary, I have completed my alphabet. Arguably, the list exhibits some redundancy and has a few entries that beg for improvement. Can anyone offer improved entries? (Note that I have rejected many of my own ideas, as well as those from others, some of which I hated to lose. I want to keep the list length to 26, however.)


  1. I have made some updates above based on Facebook suggestions and my own ideas, and I will continue to do so.

  2. amateur antichrist
    cancerous campaigner
    delusional dumdum
    evil elitist
    faithless fathead
    golden Gollum
    hell's hamster hate hailer
    ignorant ingrate
    jailor jester
    keeper creeper
    lambastic lout
    money monster
    nonsense newbie
    oddity oldster
    putin's puppy putrid preacher
    reprobate retweeter
    sour sociopath
    trump tv
    unrepentant usurper
    v is for vomit
    whinny whitey
    xenophobic zombie
    yuckie yeller
    zany zealot


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