September 1, 2020

Our Lying President

 Apparently, there is a large cohort of people who will believe whatever President Donald Trump says, irrespective of how outrageous it may be. I cannot understand this.

Although it is not literally true that Mr. Trump is incapable of speaking the truth, he is not particularly in the habit of doing so. Based on years of evidence—and not only from the time of his presidency—an objective analysis shows that the president tells untruths most of the time. Sometimes this results from his monumental self-esteem and his equally monumental ignorance. Most often, he lies out of self-interest. Sometimes, he seems to lie for the sheer pleasure of it. 

In any case, unless I have a strong reason to believe otherwise, I assume Donald Trump is lying. This attitude has served me well. Were I to believe nothing he says, I would be correct most of the time.

I fear the voting behavior of those who do not treat the president’s pronouncements as I do.

1 comment:

  1. Trump's denying he ever called soldiers losers and suckers is typical. Multiple news outlets have confirmed that Trump is lying.


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