April 3, 2021

What Do You Like about Donald Trump?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
The question persists: What do people like in Donald Trump? Many Trump voters saw their votes as giving the finger to a government that, for whatever reason, they saw as not working for them. Others thought Trump would accomplish particular policy goals—outlaw abortion, end immigration, withdraw from foreign entanglements, create a whites-only Christian America.

Nominally, Donald Trump has lost his hold on power. His ability to influence policy is now minimal and will only be diminished as the former president is increasingly occupied with his very considerable legal troubles. He nonetheless commands a large following. One must ask what attributes Trump has that account for such affection.

It is easy to list, at least partially, traits that may be appreciated by Trump’s followers. Which of these account for the esteem in which he is held? Is his

          • Mendacity
          • Sarcasm
          • Cruelty
          • Volatility
          • Arrogance
          • Hypocrisy
          • Narcissism
          • Pettiness
          • Lechery
          • Ignorance
          • Vindictiveness
          • Irresponsibility
          • Corruption
          • Malevolence
          • Indifference
          • Amorality
          • Dishonesty
          • Duplicitousness
          • Capriciousness
These Trump virtues do not endear the former president to me or to most of my friends. Which of them, dear Trump reader, do you most value?

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