October 14, 2023

No Eclipse

 The last time I experienced a partial eclipse of the sun was August 21, 2017. Although my track record for seeing astronomical phenomena unobscured by clouds is poor, I actually saw a diminished sun on that date.

I had hoped to see a bit of an eclipse today. In my neck of the woods, only 20 or 30 percent of the sun was to be obscured, but any eclipse is worth seeing. Unfortunately, in my move to Clifton Springs, I seem to have lost or misplaced my eclipse glasses, but I had a backup plan involving a white surface and a large magnifier.

I was outside at the appointed time, but the day was so overcast—it was raining, in fact—that I couldn’t even tell in what direction the sun was, much less see it. Nevertheless, I thought I might see everything get darker. Well, I didn’t. Had I not known that an eclipse was taking place, I would have been blissfully unaware of it.

I’ll be in the path of a total eclipse next April. I’m hoping for better weather.

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