April 9, 2010

More Stuff

I opened my on-line store to sell merchandise sporting my No Anglican Covenant logo. The objective was not to make money but to promote opposition to the Anglican covenant, particularly within The Episcopal Church. No Anglican CovenantBecause the 2012 General Convention will likely be making a decision regarding the covenant, we can expect increasing discussion of its merits in parishes and dioceses in the next two years or so. My Farrago Gift Shop—named for my Web site, Lionel Deimel’s Farrago—offers many items that are especially good at communicating one’s opposition to the covenant: apparel, bumper stickers, magnets, buttons, and the like. It remains to be seen if there is a real market for these items, but, as interest in the covenant increases, as I’m sure it will, I hope there will be.

As long as I have a store, I thought I might as well use it to sell items displaying other designs I have created, especially my curve-stitch designs. These are figures that use only straight lines but that seem to include curves. Many of my designs can be seen in the Recreational Math section of my Web site.

In particular, I have created items for the shop that use a design I created when I was in high school, which I usually describe as a curve-stitch isometric cube. The actual design used for merchandise in the shop is shown at the right. (Click on it for a larger view; individual lines don’t show clearly when the figure is reduced as much as it is here.) I am particularly fond of this design, which has the odd property of looking rather different when it is rotated. (See an extended discussion of it here.)

As it happens, my current store cannot sell identical items with different designs. For this reason, you will find that No Anglican Covenant apparel is mostly white, and curve-stitch isometric cube apparel is mostly colored. If people actually start buying from the store, however, I may be able to expand my offerings. I will likely remain a computer consultant, writer, and Episcopal Church activist, however, rather than a merchandiser.


  1. I think you´re doing a great job as a merchant too! I agree, I think there will be ongoing interest in the merchandise...certainly your Artwork is direct, attractive and easy to read...No Anglican Communion is proudly featured at many blogs and I often use it at the bottom of posts that are related...thank you for all that you do!


  2. Hi Lionel! Good Job for merchandise!...
    Concerning Anglican Covenant I suppose the answer is done by Glasspool's election to the Episcopate!... Now all the communion knows TEC rules. If they accept, they will revise the covenant. If they don't, they will procceed and Anglican Communion will be divided in 2 or 3 bodies. Global South, TEC and TEC likes... And... CofE and any CofE like churches...
    Unfortunatly it is your future!...
    Here in Portugal the Supreme Court passes the law to accept gay marriage. Now it is time to see what the president will do...

    Good Evening!...

  3. Pensamento positivo,

    Please keep us updated on the events in Portugal.

  4. Hi, Lionel... Now the president has 20 days to decide, starting when he receives the letter from the court... So, we have to wait...

    I will certainly update it for you!...

    Good Evening!...

  5. Lionel, what a great idea. I think you should send a few free samples to the Archbishop of Canterbury for promotional purposes. He may send a good many customers your way.

  6. Kudos, Lionel! I am so blogging this!


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