April 7, 2010

Welcome to the Store

I am happy to announce the opening of my Farrago Gift Shop. This is where you can buy merchandise containing my custom designs. For the moment, it might as well be called the No Anglican Covenant Gift Shop, as all the merchandise displays my No Anglican Covenant logo, but I expect eventually to offer items sporting my curve stitch designs as well.

As individual parishes and dioceses begin considering the proposed Anglican covenant, the clothing in my new gift shop gives you an opportunity to show everyone where you stand on the document that threatens to change the Anglican Communion forever and surrender the independence of The Episcopal Church.

I think you will find that all the items in the gift shop are of high quality. For example, here is your intrepid blogger wearing the No Anglican Covenant Ringer T in red and white:

Lionel Deimel models T-shirt


  1. Wonderful product line...simple, direct and desireable...I´ll try and figure out when I´m going stateside and have some things shipped to my Florida address.

    More later. Good luck!


  2. I posted a little publicity for you at my blog...love the stuff!

    Just like the famous styling/quality of Kauffmans, Gimbels, and Joseph Horne!

  3. Leonardo,

    I didn’t realize you knew so much about Pittsburgh. Alas, Kauffman’s, Gimbels, and Horne’s are all gone now.

    Anyway, thanks for the plug.

  4. I was a Resident Buyer in California for all the Gimbels Divisions, I also was a buyer for Goldwaters/Arizona an Associated Dry Goods Store (Joseph Hornes was too) later I was a designer and did personal appearances at Kauffmans...they were really nice and a man named Kingsley (I think) was the General Merchandise Manager...great people and they had a department that was extremely elegant (Gold Circle? or something like that)!

    Anyway, I always loved coming to Pittsburg or working with Pittsburg people in the market.

    Good luck with the fun sportswear and gifts...what a message!

    Un abrazo fuerte,

  5. I added No Anglican Covenant bumper stickers to the shop today. A bumper sticker is only $3.99, with shipping costing as little as $1.25. Bumper stickers are a good deal cheaper in quantity.


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