September 23, 2010

Life without Electricity

I am writing this at 9:30 PM on a laptop on my deck, bathed in the light of the computer screen and a candle. Although I only lost power for about four hours yesterday due to the thunderstorm—see “High Winds”—and “After the Storm”—power went out early this afternoon, and it has yet to return. I guess this is what it feels like to live in Iraq, except for the explosives and bullets, of course.

I did attend choir rehearsal tonight. This was a tough call, as I feel I am coming down with a sinus infection or some such. I got to church early, however, to do a quick check of my e-mail. To my surprise, singing actually made me feel better. I was breathing better, anyway; my throat is another matter.

I tried lying down in bed, but it has been a warm day, and my bedroom is hot and stuffy. Even on the deck there isn’t much of a breeze, but it is at least cooler. In a few minutes, the full moon will be peeking out from behind the house to provide a bit more light on the deck. Too bad that most of what I want to do (including post this) requires an Internet connection!

Update, 9/24/2010, 7:23 PM: Power returned to my house about 2:30 AM this morning. I’m posting this over the time stamp indicating when it was first written.

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