September 14, 2011

Rockwood Avenue Repaved

In my post of June 17, 2011, I announced that I was making a Facebook album of pictures of the repaving of my street, Rockwood Avenue. Last Saturday, the project seemed to be finished. Some guy with a pickup truck removed the ROAD CLOSED signs, and normal traffic resumed on Rockwood Avenue. Four days later, however, a ROAD CLOSED sign remains on Rockwood Avenue a couple of yards from the intersection with Willow Avenue. Was this sign forgotten?

If you’re a Facebook member, you can view my completed Repaving of Rockwood Avenue album here.

Sign left on Rockwood Ave. and Willow Ave.

Update, 9/16/2011: When I passed by the intersection of Rockwood Ave. and Willow Ave. today, I noticed that the ROAD CLOSED sign had been removed. Now the repaving project is really finished.

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