June 17, 2011

Repaving of Rockwood Avenue

Road Closed sign at south end of reconstructionI received a letter from Mt. Lebanon a week or two ago alerting me to the fact that part of my street, Rockwood Avenue, is being repaved. In front of my house, Rockwood is brick, but just beyond my house, Rockwood is paved with asphalt that is in bad repair. That portion of the street has been repeatedly patched but is now going to get a serious rebuilding.

A couple of days ago, utility lines were marked and other markings were laid down in the area to be reconstructed. Construction—demolition, actually—began today.

I have begun a photo album of the project, which you can see here. I will update the album as work proceeds. (The album is on Facebook, so you have to log in to Facebook to see the album. Sorry.)

When leaving home by car, I have been able to go north (more or less) to Hoodridge Drive or south to Willow Avenue. For now, I will have to be taking the Hoodridge Drive route.

The township did not indicate how long the project would take.

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