June 8, 2011

All about Scott Lively

Scott Lively
Scott Lively
Before his name surfaced as having contributed to inciting homophobic frenzy in Uganda, I had never heard of Scott Lively. I wondered just who this person was. Political Research Associates, in its Spring 2011 issue of The Public Eye, has published a profile of Lively called “Lively’s Lies.” (Need I say that the profile is not what you would call sympathetic?) The article does a fine job of explaining who Lively is and what he has done, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain insight into what has been happening in Uganda or who wants to know more about Mr. Lively. You can read the article here.

To whet your appetite, here are a few excerpts:
What Lively “knows” and came to warn his Ugandan audience about is chilling. He told them that one of the most common causes of homosexuality is child molestation; that’s how gays recruit children into homosexuality, he said. He told them that European gays were flooding Uganda with money and gifts to recruit children. “They are very predatory,” he said.

Appearing on a public-access cable program in Salem, Oregon, he tied homosexuality to the Nazi Party. “It wasn’t just that homosexuals were involved in the Nazi Party,” Lively told the television audience. “Homosexuals created the Nazi Party, and everything that we think about when we think about Nazis actually comes from the minds and perverted ideas of homosexuals. When you think of the Nazi Party … you cannot help but understand that this organization was a machine constructed by militant, sadomasochistic, pedophilic homosexuals.”

Lively’s demagoguery took an even more dangerous turn when, in 2009, he traveled to Uganda to deliver his now-infamous talk at the Triangle Hotel. Two other U.S. evangelicals—Exodus International board member Don Schmierer and International Healing Foundation’s Caleb Lee Brundidge—joined him to deliver what Lively later called his “nuclear bomb against the gay agenda.” Lively threw everything he had into the talk: gays as child abusers, gays as insatiable sexual predators, gays bent on political domination, gays bent on the destruction of civilization, gays as Nazis. And a new one: gays as responsible for the Rwandan genocide.
There is, of course, more. The profile is well documented, so no one can claim it is a hatchet job. It is not, however, pleasant reading.

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  1. Pure deadly Scott Lively. Almost word for word lies that become anti-lgbti ¨facts¨ preached out of the mouths of ¨fundamentalist¨ clergy in Uganda-- even our own Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi buys into some of this ¨reeducation camp¨ ex-Gay sanitizing (even Rowan Williams has wondered if this is indeed a possibility)...Scott Lively and his accomplices provide talking/smearing points against LGBTI Christians/others that emerge as true/valid arguments amongst the Washington D.C. ¨C¨ Street crowd...Bishop Orombi is a extended ¨family¨ member as is Anglican, ¨Kill the Gays¨ legislation author MP David Bahati...makes me wonder if the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, didn´t spend a little time hobnobbing with this crowd when he ¨studied¨ six months at ¨Georgetown¨ a few years ago...there seems to me to be a ¨thread¨ of similar thinking amongst these men...they validate one another (and don´t look back).


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