June 22, 2012

Help the No Anglican Covenant Coalition Tell Its Message at General Convention

The No Anglican Covenant Coalition will have a presence at the 2012 General Convention in Indianapolis next month. We hope to convince the convention to say a definitive “no” to the Anglican Covenant.

This is an ambitious enterprise for an all-volunteer organization, so the Coalition is asking for donations to help send our moderator, Malcolm French, and myself, the Episcopal Church convenor, to Indianapolis. Among other things, Malcolm and I will be distributing buttons and brochures.

I have written our “official” request for donations on the Coalition’s blog, Comprehensive Unity. If you just cannot wait to send us money, however, you can click on the button below. Note that (1) donations are not tax-deductible (sorry), and (2) I am acting as treasurer, so you will see both the Coalition’s name and my name on the PayPal pages to which you will be sent by clicking on the Donate button.

Thanks for your help. I hope to see many of my readers in Indianapolis.

Donate to NAAC

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for going to General Convention and pushing for a definitive "No" vote on the Covenant. It is time for action - after 9 years it is clear the radical conservatives have no intention of being reasonable. The dream of the radicals (including many in my diocese of Dallas) has been for adoption of the Covenant as mandatory for membership in the Anglican Communion. Their hope was for most members to adopt, with only the "liberal" Churches such as The Episcopal Church rejecting it. The extremists in America would then rush in, fill the void, and become the true Anglican Communion representative in the United States. It is now clear this plan has failed but TEC should seize the moment and clearly assert our autonomy and authority with a definitive "NO" vote.


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