September 23, 2012

Why We Need a Businessman in the White House

Before now, I have had a hard time figuring out why a business background like that of Mitt Romney would be useful in the White House. It has recently become clear, however.

Business is all about efficiency. Romney, who loves to fire people who aren’t doing what he needs done, plans to fire the 47% of Americans who are not producing. Those drones can then self-deport, leaving us—well, them—a nation of producers.

Of course, some of those 47% are now working for the 53%, so some of the people whose tax  rate is only 15% may have to begin doing actual work. But I’m sure Romney has a vision of how this will work out in the end.


  1. Exactly.

    On the subject of welfare. The Mormon Organization has a insider welfare program available to ALL their 10% off-the-top stewardship required giving for LDS members. One MUST be card carrying (literally a ¨Bishops Recommend¨) Mormon in order to receive Financial Aid and Food help. The ¨Relief Society¨ ladies arm of the welfare organization the LDS provide finely tuned help to unfortunate ¨Mormons¨ in need... of course Mormons are ALL welcome to participate in Federal Food Stamps and other U.S. Federal HELP programs.

    Perhaps Romney thinks we all ought to become Mormons and untilize the LDS welfare system...dropping Food Stamps will then, in fact, be a good measure to save wasteful/duplicity that Mormons now enjoy.

  2. Oh, and P.S., don´t forget to send your 10% off-the-top each month in to Salt Lake...such a deal!


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