January 24, 2013

Spiking Down the Pages

Many years ago, my aunt gave me a railroad spike. I don’t know the history of the spike, but it is a used one. After it was pulled up, someone had it bronzed, so it doesn’t rust. I have long used this 12 ounce, 6½ inch artifact as a paperweight.

The other day, I was writing in my notebook and having a hard time keeping the book open to the page I was using. The spike was nearby, and I though it might be just the thing to weigh down the page, so that it did not turn on me. As I was putting the spike down, the thought occurred to me to place its head between the left and right pages. It worked perfectly, almost as if the spike had been made for the purpose! (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Spike holding place in notebook

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