January 21, 2013

Second Inauguration

I wrote a poem for Barack Obama’s first inauguration. That poem, “Hail Barack Obama,” was perhaps overly optimistic in tone. Four years later, we face President Obama’s second inauguration more soberly, but we must hope that he can help us bring about a better America.

I could hardly help writing a second poem for an Obama second inauguration. That poem—or perhaps only a first draft of it—is below. I began writing it yesterday, the day on which Mr. Obama took the official oath. I finished the poem today as the President was just beginning his inauguration speech.

Second Inauguration
by Lionel Deimel

Once again, Barack Obama,
Hunter of the dread Osama,
Author of Obamacare,
And bane of every billionaire,
Lifts a hand and swears an oath,
And to our Union pledges troth.

Thus begins a second term
In which, perforce, he must be firm
When steering through the rocky shoals
Where Congress often smashes goals—
Progressive measures have no chance
When retrograde ideas advance.

The President must deal with debt,
With war and peace and terror threat;
He must confront the climate’s warming
And how the power grid’s performing:
Guns and jobs and immigration
All will vex Obama’s nation.

Barack Obama, President,
For four more years the resident
In the highest seat of power,
Goes forward from this hour;
Hope abides, and prayers ascend
That change our future may attend.

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