January 9, 2014

Making Friends with the New Kitties

Eve (Evening Light)
Eve (Evening Light), three years ago
Facebook friends know that my Bombay cat, Eve, died in the early morning hours of December 16, 2013. The day before, I received e-mail from the Cat Clinic and Hospital, where I have always taken my cats for veterinary services. The message indicated that two male kittens were in need of adoption. (See picture below.) It was apparent that death was imminent for Eve. I spent a couple of hours holding her, but it was obvious that there was little I could do for her.

Under normal circumstances, I would not have begun the usually lengthy process of finding a new cat after one of my cats died. Eve was my only cat, however, and the message from the Cat Clinic held out the possibility of finding new feline companionship without experiencing too much emotional trauma. In fact, the e-mail seemed like a timely gift from heaven. Besides, the kittens looked very cute. Then again, what kittens don’t look cute?

Charlie and Linus
Picture from the Cat Clinic e-mail message
At first, I thought of asking to adopt just one of the kittens, but a friend asked why I didn’t declare my interest in both of them. So I did that. A few days later, I got to spend a little time with Charlie and Linus, and it was agreed that I would indeed adopt them. Since I was going to be away for a day or two around Christmas, I arranged to pick up the kittens on December 27. It seems hard to believe that I have lived with Charlie and Linus for less than two weeks!

When I first visited the kittens, it was obvious that Charlie was the more outgoing. I got to hold them both, but Linus was clearly not enthusiastic about the experience. So, when I got the kittens home, I was eager to bond with my new pets. I was pleased when Charlie was first willing to sit on my lap, something Linus has yet to do. In fact, for quite a few days, I could not even touch Linus.  He came nearer and nearer, but every time I moved my hand toward him, he ran off. Two days ago, for the first time, he allowed me to pet him, and we have made more progress on that front yesterday.

Charlie watching “Video Catnip”
Charlie discovers Video Catnip
Charlie, on the other hand, is now not only willing to sit on my lap; he is often difficult to coax off my lap. He has also taken to trying to eat my food when I’m having meals. This has caused me to get out the water-filled spray bottle. He has also become fascinated with my computer screen, and he has been sitting in front of the monitor and following the mouse pointer. I am reluctant to spray him when he is doing this for obvious reasons. I assume we’ll work out these conflicts eventually.

Two days ago, to divert Charlie, I got out my Video Catnip DVD, which contains scenes of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. Charlie was quickly hooked. He watched the television from the floor and soon was climbing the desk below the screen in order to get closer to the action. (See photo above.)

Both to give Charlie a better vantage point and to protect the furniture and equipment, I positioned my Kik Step in front of the screen and put Charlie on it. The result can be seen in the video below.

Yesterday, Linus also watched Video Catnip for a few minutes. Charlie, meanwhile, has shown increased interest in what’s on the TV screen, even if it isn’t Video Catnip.

Linus continues to be a bit wary of me, but he is allowing me to pet him from time to time. We’re not quite fast friends yet, but we’re moving in that direction.

Linus and Charlie on cat tree
Linus (above) and Charlie on cat tree
The other day, I was giving myself a much needed manicure, and I dropped my cuticle knife on the floor. I was finished with the knife but not the manicure, so I didn’t pick it up right away. When I finally did look for it, it was nowhere to be found. It might have gotten lost in the chair or fallen on the black rug, where a small implement with a black handle might be hard to find. Look as I might, however, I could find it nowhere. It was impossible for it to have gone far, yet it simply wasn’t there. A few days later, however, I spotted Linus on the pedestal of the chair I had been sitting on. He was playing with a small, black object with a metal end. Guess what it was! How he sneaked off with the cuticle knife without my noticing, I have no idea.

I’m getting used to the new kitties’ schedule. Periods of sleep under my bed alternate with frantic, but often amusing, activity. Last night, for example, Charlie discovered a large red grape on the floor. (I wasn’t aware that I had dropped a grape, but Charlie found it somewhere.) He began batting it around the floor. Then Linus joined the fun, and I had the privilege of being a spectator at a feline soccer match.

The cat tree has become a favorite place to play, though not to rest. The two kittens often play king of the mountain, with each one trying to knock the other off the top level. More often, they slap at each other from different levels. Both cats have enjoyed the toy I attached to the tree with an elastic cord.The photo above shows the kitties in a rare moment of wakeful repose.

The adventure continues.

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  1. Aw, Kewt Gatos! <3<3

    My condolences, Lionel, on the loss of Eve. While your new cats won't ever replace her, I can see they're already bringing happiness to your life.


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