March 1, 2014


Returning from the supermarket this morning, I heard a bird chirping as I got out of the car. The sound seemed to be coming from a nearby leafless tree. It took me a few moments to identify the male cardinal sitting on one of the highest branches. I soon realized that the call of the cardinal was being answered by an unseen cardinal among the evergreens on the other side of the street. I listened for several minutes to the call-and-response chirping of these two cardinals.

Happily, I had my phone handy, and I was able to record a piece of this avian dialogue. I apologize that this recording is not in stereo, so you won’t be able to get the antiphonal effect that I was able to experience. I also apologize for the clicks you will hear in my recording; this is my first field recording of bird sounds, and I’m not yet good at it.

You should be able to play my recording below. If this doesn’t work in your browser, try this link.

Cardinal in winter

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