May 11, 2015

Squirrels 2, Human 0

I took pride in my strategy for keeping my suet feeder attached to the bungee cord used to hang it from a tree limb. (See “Defending against Squirrels.”) The morning after I had declared victory over tree-climbing rodents, however, I found the feeder, less suet, and bungee cord on the ground.

I ditched the bungee cord, fastened the handle of the feeder more securely to the body of the unit, inserted a new block of suet, and re-hung the whole thing using nylon cord. The pictures below (click for a larger view) shows what I awoke to this morning.

Empty feeder on tangled cord
Empty feeder on tangled cord

A clearer view of the disaster
A clearer view of the disaster
I am at a loss to explain how the suet was removed and the cord was wrapped around the tree. I am assuming that one or more squirrels is responsible, but it is difficult to see how this bit of larceny could have been pulled off on such a slight limb.

I am contemplating my next move.

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  1. Winning takes most of the fun out of the competition. Something we've tried is sprinkling the suet with cayenne pepper. Birds don't notice it and squirrels don't like it.
    Tom Downs


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