July 30, 2020

The Real Trump Platform

Republicans have decided to forego creating a new party platform for 2020 and to simply reuse their 2016 version. This is administratively simple, of course, but the United States of 2020 is very different from that of 2016, and Donald Trump’s agenda, now that Trump has seen what he can get away with, is rather more expansive. The president will not be too explicit about his real goals for the country, but we can glean some objectives from his actions and his tweets. Others, we can guess. Some of these ideas, he may be willing to talk about; others not so much.

Here is an attempt to discern the planks of Mr. Trump’s real platform for 2020:
  1. Complete and strengthen the wall on our southern border and begin building a wall on our northern border.
  2. Deport all people in the country found to be undocumented.
  3. Eliminate all immigration into the U.S., both permanent and temporary.
  4. Stop admitting asylum seekers.
  5. Withdraw from the United Nations, NATO, and other multilateral compacts.
  6. Add Russia to the G7.
  7. Add a representative of Russia to the National Security Council.
  8. Accept Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
  9. Remove U.S. troops from Europe, Korea, Syria, and Afghanistan.
  10. Increase spending on defense.
  11. Increase arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel.
  12. Eliminate the inheritance tax.
  13. Decrease the corporate income tax.
  14. Provide additional tax breaks for real estate developers.
  15. Outlaw all abortions.
  16. Keep niggers out of white suburbs.
  17. Eliminate scientists and science advice from government.
  18. Eliminate spending on science and medicine.
  19. Eliminate public schools and universities in favor of for-profit education.
  20. Protect statues of Confederate generals and other monuments to the Confederacy.
  21. Put the portrait of Robert E. Lee on the $20 bill.
  22. Outlaw books criticizing the president.
  23. Strengthen laws against slander and libel.
  24. Institute new taxes on newspapers and radio and television stations.
  25. Outlaw mail-in voting.
  26. Require a government ID for voting throughout the country.
  27. Privatize postal and weather services, Social Security, and the IRS.
  28. Begin charging admission for D.C. museums and monuments.
  29. Make the Justice Department and Federal Reserve answerable only to the president.
  30. Provide a domestic police force for the sole use of the president.
Perhaps you think the above list an exaggeration. A little, maybe, but it is certainly commensurate with Donald Trump’s inclinations. Only this morning has the president tweeted that we should postpone November’s election because mail-in voting is “INNACURATE & FRADULENT.” (He approves of "Absentee Voting,” which he himself uses, but he condemns “Universal Mail-In Voting.”) The Constitution be damned.

If you want a president with a real platform like the one above, by all means vote for Donald Trump in November, preferably in person and without wearing a mask. If you want to preserve our Republic, vote for Joe Biden by whatever means are at your disposal.

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